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Directly to the user from research and development in ultimate service of “speed” to “change”

There is no doubt that facility agriculture is a modern agricultural way of efficient production of animals and plants. Divided by species, it is divided into Facility Gardening and Facility Cultivate. Today we introduce you the greenhouse covering materials, one of the core components of Facility Gardening!


The reason why covering materials play an important role is that their functions of anti-dripping, anti-fog, anti-aging, anti-dust and anti-algae. Directly affect the utilization rate of solar energy, and then affect whether crops can have high quality, high yield and stable yield!


TOYOTANI® film is mainly used in high-end multi span greenhouses for planting flowers and seedlings. After more than 10 years of market accumulation, TOYOTANI® film has been widely used in Yunnan, Guangdong, Sichuan, Fujian and other places, and has an unshakable position in the field of high-end greenhouse film! Want to find out why? The summary is as follows:


01 Japan tech/ whole process quality control

● Though expensive, no single material waste being reused.

● Though arduous, no single minute loosening for quality control.

TOYOTANI® film adopts Japanese technology, with real materials, zero return materials, sufficient thickness, high proportion of metallocene and the latest imported anti-aging agent. It is "proud of its peers" in terms of light transmittance, tensile strength, anti-aging and service life!


Beijing Fenglong has a modern plant with an area of more than 40000 square meters in Beijing. With the introduction of advanced Japanese quality control management technology, TOYOTANI® film is completed from master batch manufacturing to finished production, with the whole process under control in the Beijing factory.


At the same time, a perfect quality inspection and service tracking system has been established to ensure the stability of products


02 Efficient direct sales /service rapid response

Beijing Fenglong breaks the tradition and adopts an efficient direct selling mode. It has four offices and five storage centers across the country to directly serve the national high-end agricultural growers, improve the circulation efficiency of products and meet the needs of users to maximize their interests, while ensuring efficient and thoughtful service support.


03 Keen market insight, continuous R & D and innovation

Beijing Fenglong has professional product R & D personnel and has long been committed to the development and research of plastic film products.
In addition, it has maintained long-term strategic cooperative relations with Mitsui chemical (company), Kyowa (company), Vita Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.


The linear connection between the manufacturing end and the ultimate user end allows us to have a keen insight into the deep needs of users, and based on this, we can carry out targeted upgrading and research and development of products to meet the immediate and potential demands of users!

Innovation promotes development and service creates value. Based on the idea of being harsh to ourselves and reassuring users, Beijing Fenglong will continue to provide users with high-quality products!

TOYOTANI® CLEAR FILM-- Long service life, high strength, high light transmittance, anti dripping and mist elimination


Attachment: TOYOTANI® film product series (multi specification, width customizable)


TOYOTANI® DIFFUSED FILM-- Significant increase in production, better coloring, high light transmittance and prevention of burns




After TOYOYANI® PE film was highly recognized by the majority of users, GGPO® film was introduced. The coated PO film produced by five layer coextrusion technology is dust-proof, algae proof and pesticide proof. It is suitable for multi span greenhouses!




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