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Though expensive, no single material waste being reused

Though arduous, no single minute loosening for quality control


Quality Control

Advanced Japanese technology ensures top quality

Strive for perfect in every aspect of production


Strict quality control on the origin of raw materials:

All raw materials are from top-level international suppliers

Execute 100% checks on the quality of all batches of raw materials before mass production to ensure stable quality.

The polymer is from internationally renowned suppliers.


Implementing U.S. national test method standards:

Ensure the top-quality products

Our laboratory has the most complete testing equipment in the industry and adopts the strict ASTM testing standards.


Rigorous quality control on full line production:

Japanese quality control management, from key plastic masterbatches manufacturing to finished product, all completed in Tongzhou Production Base of Beijing, and the whole process is controlled.


Perfect after-sales service experience:

Great after-sales system to better protect the rights and interests of customers worldwide


Advanced Equipment:



Uniform fusion at high temperature, stable consistency, and high yield

Machine for blowing plastic bottles from PET preforms, industrial conveyor belt in factory interior.

Feeding System

Automated feeding system strictly following the formula and dosage

Detail of packaging machine for rolls


Automatic control, cutting and winding.



Quickly and truly reproduce the damage of sunlight, rain and dew on poly.