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Covering film for large-scale blueberry growing


Yunnan of China has four seasons like spring, the temperature difference between day and night is large, unique geographical advantages and natural conditions make it become the first choice of many high value-added fruit planting, blueberry planting that is among them!


In the large-scale planting of blueberries, for growers, due to the strong ultraviolet rays in Yunnan, the large temperature difference between day and night, blueberry growth on the demand for sunlight, etc., it is bound to the shed film scattering rate, light transmission, ultraviolet ray barrier rate, infrared ray barrier rate and so on have different requirements!


Beijing Fenglong new division has a competent and efficient team led by doctor and master, at the same time with China, Japan, enterprises and colleges and universities in long-term cooperation, focusing on the research and development of Fenggu film, we combined with the growth conditions of blueberries, directed to the launch of the Fenggu Southwest Blueberry Film ®!


During the growth of blueberries, direct sunlight can cause sunburn-like scars on the surface of the fruit. 80% or more diffused light can make the light and temperature in the greenhouse more even, and the upper and lower parts of the blueberry plants can get enough light.


The higher the light transmittance, the longer the blueberry photosynthesis lasts, while ensuring a high scattering rate. This requires high light transmission and attenuation rates of the film!

TOYOTANI® / Southwest Blueberry Film®

 ● Though expensive, no single material waste being reused. | ● Though arduous, no single minute loosening for quality control.

Transparent Rate
Diffusion Rate

The TOYOTANI ® Southwest Blueberry Film® developed and produced by Beijing Fenglong has now been applied by many large-scale bases in Yunnan and is widely recognized by users!


The reason for this, in addition to TOYOTANI  film has been adhering to the “raw materials, although expensive, will not dare to add back a grain of material, quality control, although complicated, must adhere to the ten years as one day,” the brand management concept, the following two points also have to say:

1. Sharp insight into the market, continuous research and development innovation

Professional R & D team, a wide range of user base, R & D production end and the ultimate use of the end of a straight line connection, insight into the deep needs of the user, the blueberry special film orientation, regular research and development and upgrading, to meet the user’s deep-seated needs for the product!


2. Efficient factory direct sales and extremely fast service response

Self-built production bases, with four offices and five warehousing centers across the country, directly serving high-end agricultural growers, improving the efficiency of product distribution and ensuring efficient and thoughtful service support!


Beijing Fenglong only provides high-quality products and efficient services, and constantly upgrades our products and improves our services!


 If you need, please contact our sales engineers, or call the 24-hour service hotline 86-010-62149667, looking forward to your call!


Post time: Dec-22-2023